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F-16 Mini 50mm EDF Jet (PNP)

Mini F-16 Thunderbird Jet EPO Foam
Rs 14,000.00

Radiolink AT10II 12 Channel Radio Control System

DSSS & FHSS working synchronously. Less noise, 7DBI High Gain Antenna, Control Distance upto 4km, Dual Antenna Receiver.
Rs 23,000.00

Radiolink AT9S 10 Channel Radio Control System

The Radiolink AT9S 2.4GHz 9 Channel Transmitter Radio With R9DS Receiver. First Transmitter with DSSS and FHSS Spread Spectrum. Control Distance 3.4km
Rs 19,500.00

Radiolink RC4GS 4 Channel Surface Radio Control System

RadioLink RC4GS 2.4G 4CH Car Controller Transmitter + R6FG Built in Gyro Receiver for RC Car Boat
Rs 9,000.00

Radiolink RC6GS 6 Channel Surface Radio Control System

RadioLink RC6GS 2.4G 6CH Car Controller Transmitter+R6FG Gyro Inside Receiver For RC Car Boat
Rs 12,000.00

Radiolink T8FB 8 Channel Radio Control System

Great value 2.4Ghz 8-Channel radio system w/ S.Bus - it works with various of RC model The T8FB is an excellent radio controller for beginners, although it has a simple and clean appearance, doesn't mean it has simple function. You can connect the T8FB controller to a computer thru USB cable and access the powerful radio menu just like other high price radio set, you get to adjust the channel reverse, dual rate, travel range, mixing, switch input / output, etc.. The receiver runs on PPM or S.BUS, that means it's perfect for racing drones or any DIY drones with the flight controller now-a-days.
Rs 9,000.00

Sky Surfer 1400mm version-5 glider with flaps setup (PNF)

New version-5 1400mm EPO foam Sky Surfer Glider
Rs 23,500.00