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AXN Clouds Fly Electric Glider (Plug n Play)

The AXN Clouds fly glider is a perfect model for beginners. Its stable flight characteristics and forgiving handling make it the perfect platform for learning to fly.
Rs 15,000.00

FlySky I6 Radio with IA6 RX

This is 6 channel Digital Proportional Computer radio system.
Rs 8,500.00

Futaba 9CAP Radio System

The Futaba 9C radio control system is one of the best radio in the market. The average to advanced rc pilot will be thoroughly satisfied with the features and performance of this nine (9) channel system.
Rs 35,000.00

Futaba T10J Radio with RX

10-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System
Rs 47,500.00

I-MAX B-6 AC/DC Lipo Balance Charger

IMAX B6 AC/DC is the new intelligent multifunction microprocessor based charger which can charge and discharge Li-ion, LiPo, LiFe, Pb, NiCd, and NiMH batteries. This charger have its own built in power supply.
Rs 3,950.00

I-MAX B-6 Lipo Balance Charger

IMAX B6 is the new intelligent multifunction microprocessor based charger which can charge and discharge Li-ion, LiPo, LiFe, Pb, NiCd, and NiMH batteries.
Rs 3,050.00

Radiolink AT10II 12 Channel Radio Control System

DSSS & FHSS working synchronously. Less noise, 7DBI High Gain Antenna, Control Distance upto 4km, Dual Antenna Receiver.
Rs 23,000.00

Radiolink AT9S 10 Channel Radio Control System

The Radiolink AT9S 2.4GHz 9 Channel Transmitter Radio With R9DS Receiver. First Transmitter with DSSS and FHSS Spread Spectrum. Control Distance 3.4km
Rs 19,500.00

Radiolink RC4GS 4 Channel Surface Radio Control System

RadioLink RC4GS 2.4G 4CH Car Controller Transmitter + R6FG Built in Gyro Receiver for RC Car Boat
Rs 9,000.00

Radiolink RC6GS 6 Channel Surface Radio Control System

RadioLink RC6GS 2.4G 6CH Car Controller Transmitter+R6FG Gyro Inside Receiver For RC Car Boat
Rs 12,000.00

Radiolink T8FB 8 Channel Radio Control System

Great value 2.4Ghz 8-Channel radio system w/ S.Bus - it works with various of RC model The T8FB is an excellent radio controller for beginners, although it has a simple and clean appearance, doesn't mean it has simple function. You can connect the T8FB controller to a computer thru USB cable and access the powerful radio menu just like other high price radio set, you get to adjust the channel reverse, dual rate, travel range, mixing, switch input / output, etc.. The receiver runs on PPM or S.BUS, that means it's perfect for racing drones or any DIY drones with the flight controller now-a-days.
Rs 9,000.00

Sbach 342 – 87″ (2.20m)

The model that really put Pilot-RC on the map. Every manufacturer produced an Sbach 342 but only one was ever talked about, only one got it just right. The Pilot-RC Sbach 342 is one of those models that can be smooth, precise and ever so forgiving as it can be agile and manoeuvrable. Anyone who tries one wants one, and anyone who has one wants to just fly and fly. The best way to describe it is as a plane that you simply feel confortable with, from the beginning.
Rs 85,000.00

Solo trainer 25 Balsa constructed (ARF)

Solo trainer 25 is constructed with light weight balsa wood material. Suitable for training flying with instructor or after practicing on simulator.
Rs 12,500.00